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3685A East Broadway, Alton, IL 62002

Plumbing, Inc
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Your Drain & Sewer Cleaning Specialists in Alton IL

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A rookie mistake when homeowners notice their drains starting to perform slower than usual is waiting until the last minute for a resolution. This only leads to bigger problems and a more expensive service. Even if your drain is able to function, when you notice a clog building up – or even suspect one – call your local drain cleaning specialists in Alton, IL. Bland’s Plumbing Sewer and Water has the ideal solutions for your drains. When you notice slow draining, water starting to accumulate in your sinks, unusual noises and even the appearance of fruit flies – your drains could be suffering from a clog. Call Bland’s for a hasty solution.

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Downspout Drain Line Installation
Edwardsville, IL

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Drainage Line Replacement

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Trenching New Drain Line

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plumbing work alton illinois

We are fast & reliable

When it comes to drain cleaning, our technicians are well-versed and provide speedy service. With all the necessary equipment for a quality job on their trucks, they are just waiting for the call. If you speak with a customer service representative today, you can bet a technician will be on their way shortly.

Emergency Drain Cleaning Service for the Riverbend & Edwardsville IL area

At Bland’s Plumbing Sewer and Water, we understand the inconvenience of clogged drains – especially after business hours or on the weekend. You may need a professional to unclog your drains any time of day or week, which is why we provide 24/7 emergency service available to all our customers.

Always use a trained, licensed and insured contractor

Having a licensed, trained and insured plumbing service protects you and your property. It helps ensure that you are in good hands. At Bland’s, our technicians come highly trained in their field and our drain cleaning follows IL adopted international residential code.

Know who is in your home

Our technicians must pass a background test and random drug screens. These are protective procedures that we go through in order to provide maximum comfort to the homeowner. Bland’s Plumbing Sewer and Water has been providing quality service throughout Madison and Jersey counties since 1968 and we are the company our community trusts. Voted #1 plumbing company in Alton, IL area.

Main drain cleaning

Most of us will experience a clog in the main sewer line sometime in our life; it isn’t pleasant. However, Bland’s Plumbing Sewer and Water makes life easier. With certified technicians who provide reliable and quick service – we provide a clean, prompt and professional drain cleaning service at an affordable cost. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment that effectively cuts through your clogs and other debris to allow flowing drains. If one or more of your drains are prone to clogs, talk to a customer service representative about scheduling a routine drain cleaning maintenance service.

Video Camera Pipe Inspection

Are your drains at an all-time slow performance? Do you notice clogs increasing? Our video camera pipe inspection is a great tool we utilize in order to discover the location of the clog and begin working on the solution. This process cuts down on labor and helps us identify the source of the problem with haste – and ultimately lowers your bill. We use a flexible fiber optic cable and a high-resolution camera that helps transmit images which help us make an accurate diagnosis. We can pinpoint problems with a broken, cracked or collapsed drain at a much faster rate using this technology.

Clogged Toilet & Sink Drains

Bland’s Plumbing Sewer and Water help with your toilet repair and clogged sinks, too! A clogged toilet is often the result of too much toilet paper; however, children are big reasons for clogs as well. Toys, toothbrushes and other items get flushed and stuck in your toilets. With your sink drains, the most common reason is excessive hair, debris and waste. Have one of our professionals inspect your toilet or sink for a quick resolution.

Garbage Disposal Jams, Repair & Replacement

Given that food waste is commonly disposed of down your garbage disposal; it isn’t out of the ordinary that it can get clogged. Since this is incorporated into your kitchen sink and your drainage system – it is important to get these problems addressed right away. Bland’s Plumbing Sewer and Water specialize in drain cleaning. Our technicians can find solutions in a timely and affordable manner. The necessary equipment is already on their trucks and all it takes is one phone call to us – and the nearest drain cleaning specialist will be on their way. We can service all major brands and have parts to replace any faulty component in your current system. For garbage disposal service, repair or replacement – call us today and see why we are the local’s favorite choice.

Call Bland’s Plumbing Sewer and Water for clean, prompt and professional plumbing and drain cleaning services in Alton and Edwardsville, IL. We have been providing fast and reliable drain cleaning, repair and installation service for over 50 years.

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We also provide service in Alton, Edwardsville, and the surrounding communities.

Bland’s Plumbing Inc. • 3685A East Broadway, Alton, IL 62002 • (618) 259-5053

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