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Affordable Residential & Commercial Water Line Repair Service

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We offer a full sewer scope at competitive prices. We can repair broken water lines or do complete replacements. Making sure you have a clean and functioning water line is better for your household’s functionality and the health of members of the household. Contact our team at Bland’s if your home or office for water line repair or water line replacements you need.

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Signs Your Water Line Might Need to Be Inspected

The most common reason your water line might encounter damage is due to the ground shifting below. This is caused by many reasons including freezing temperatures, corrosion, rust, tree roots, or expansive soil.  When your water line experiences damage you can expect some of the following issues to occur:

Water Line Replacement

When your water line needs replacement, it can come with a few heavy burdens including financially. But it does not have to be. Our team works with you and will not only replace your water line fast, but we will keep your budget in mind. The three most common price determiners are:

  1. Location – Depending on where you live you might be able to utilize PVC pipe. This is cheaper option.
  2. Access – Going around concreate, trees and other natural obstacles have a major impact on costs because it determines how easy or difficult it is to get to your water line.
  3. Depth – The more you dig, the higher costs will be.
water line replacement alton il
water line installation alton il

Water Line Installation

Bland’s Plumbing offers water line installation services for all commercial and residential customers. We know that your water line is important to your comfort and is a crucial resource. That’s why our complete installation services are done quickly and at a cost that won’t break the bank. Call our experts in Edwardsville, Illinois for a free estimate on our water line installation services.

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We provide plumbing services to all commercial and residential buildings including sewer and water line repairs, fixtures, and appliances installed, and simple services like unfreezing and unclogging your pipes. We guarantee the quality of our work 100%, and back our work up with a 10-year warranty on main sewer lines and a 5-year warranty on main water lines. We’re dedicated to the offer the best for our customers and environmentally friendly products and services.

Our customers’ trust is a source of great pride and inspires us to keep improving our business. We use the industry’s most current technology, and our plumbing professionals undergo advanced training. We’re prepared to help you with any questions you may have or situations you may encounter. Call today to get expert advice from a professional plumbing company with over 40 years of experience in the area!

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