Identifying Signs of Sewer Line Damage

Sewer line issues typically start small and escalate over time. Therefore, it’s essential to recognize the early signs that suggest the need for sewer line repairs. Keep an eye out for these indicators:

Foul Odor: A broken sewer line emits unpleasant sewer gases. If you detect a noxious odor, it may be due to a damaged line.

Slow-Draining Fixtures: Slow-moving drains and frequent blockages could be caused by sewer damage. While they might also result from a system pressure loss or stubborn clogs, it’s crucial to consider sewer line issues as a potential cause.

Unexplained Water Usage Increase: An unexplained surge in water usage, particularly in areas with lush, green lawns, could be indicative of an underground line leak.

Common Causes of Sewer Line Damage

Several factors can contribute to line damage, emphasizing the importance of responsible drain usage. Here are the primary causes of sewer line issues:

Flushing Inorganic Objects: Flushing non-biodegradable objects down the toilet can lead to severe sewer pipe damage.

Rodents: Rodents can damage lines when they burrow or gnaw through them.

Tree Roots: Tree roots may infiltrate and obstruct lines, causing damage over time.

Normal Wear and Tear: As lines age, they naturally deteriorate, increasing the risk of damage.


Soil Shifting and Erosion: Changes in soil conditions can affect the stability of lines.

Sagging Sewer Lines: Lines may sag, impeding the flow of wastewater.

Major Clogs: Stubborn clogs can put excessive strain on lines, potentially leading to damage.

Identifying Frozen Line Symptoms

Recognizing the signs of a frozen sewer line is crucial to avoid winter disasters. Frozen water expands and can cause pipes to burst, resulting in costly repairs. Look out for these symptoms:

Visible Frost on Pipes: If you see frost on your pipes, it’s a strong indication of a frozen line.

Gurgling Sounds: Gurgling sounds occur when air bubbles escape through a blocked line.

Water Backing Up into Other Drains: A blockage in one drain can cause water to back up into other drains within the system.

Water around the Toilet Base: Sewage backing up into the home can lead to water leakage around the base of the toilet.

The condition of your sewer line is critical for the safety and well-being of everyone in your home. Regular inspections and preventive maintenance are essential to ensure its health. Contact Bland’s Plumbing Sewer & Water for any of your Alton, IL sewer related concerns today!

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