Symptoms of a Damaged Sewer Pipe in Your Edwardsville, IL Home


In Edwardsville, Illinois, there can be different instances where you find yourself with a damaged sewer pipe. Unfortunately for the homeowner, this can lead to tons of money in repairs and stress on the homeowners. We would hate to see you get to this point. We have listed below, here are some helpful tips and […]

Water Main Problems in the Godfrey, IL area and How We Can Help:

water line

Unfortunately, sometimes a simple plunger at home won’t solve all of your plumbing needs. Most homeowners in Godfrey Illinois, experience house water main problems. (Or house water service line problems.) at one point or another, and in most cases, a professional is needed in order to fix the situation. Here are some of the things […]

Summer Winding Down? Follow These Tips to Prevent Plumbing Problems!

summer tips

In Edwardsville, Illinois, we understand that summertime is a big deal. Kids are out of school, and they are ready to play. What’s the best way to do that? Swimming, using the hose, or anything outside! If you are a parent, you understand the importance of this vacation for your child. For your help, here […]

Watch out for Sewer Line Clogs in Edwardsville, Illinois


Warning Signs You Have Sewer Line Clogs in Edwardsville, Illinois:  It is okay to be honest with us; most people typically forget about their sewer line. However, even though we do not see them daily, these lines are an essential part of your home. In most traditional homes, your sewer line is a horizontal drainpipe […]

Spring Sewage Backup in Edwardsville, Il

sewage system

Reasons Why Spring Rain is Causing Sewage Backup in Edwardsville, Illinois:  The familiar rhyme about April showers is no joke, especially when talking about your pipes. We typically see access water in the springtime, which causes flooding and backup in our pipe systems. When sewage backup happens, the problem can easily and quickly go from […]

Cost-Effective and Fast Sewer Video Inspection Services in Bethalto, IL

sewer video inspection

Diagnosing sewer and drain problems is tricky because we often cannot see inside the sewer line or drain. These are typically small dark areas that are very difficult to access if you do not have the right tools. At Bland’s Plumbing, Sewer, and Water, we work with new and innovative technology to help our professional […]

The Most Common Plumbing Problems in Springtime in Edwardsville, Illinois


Common Springtime Plumbing Problems in Edwardsville Illinois: Let’s face it, springtime is one of everyone’s favorite seasons. The days become longer again, the roads are not slick with ice and the temperatures are not in the negatives. With, the sudden change in weather from icy cold to sunny and warm can cause some serious problems […]

Why Did My Water Main Break in Edwardsville Illinois?

water breaks

Top Reasons Why A Water Main Breaks in Edwardsville Illinois: There can be many different reasons why a water main breaks and from what we know, it can happen commonly. During the cold months of the year such as January and February, different cities in the country will alter their check routines due to these […]

Causes of Sewer Clogs in Edwardsville IL

What Causes Clogged Sewers in my Edwardsville, IL Home? Sewer lines are essential for the drainage services in your homes and the neighborhood. Once in a while, you may have had a sewer line clog. When you experience clogged sewers, it becomes a big problem for your household. The environment can then become messy, and your […]