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What Causes Clogged Sewers in my Edwardsville, IL Home?

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Sewer lines are essential for the drainage services in your homes and the neighborhood. Once in a while, you may have had a sewer line clog. When you experience clogged sewers, it becomes a big problem for your household. The environment can then become messy, and your home becomes unproductive. Sewer lines may also require significant repairs, which can be very expensive. Let us highlight the major causes of sewer clogs in Edwardsville, IL.

Intrusion by Roots of Trees

Naturally, roots serve the purpose of searching for water and other nutrients for trees. They are hence attracted to areas where there is moisture including next to the sewer line. A small leakage from your drainage system is a good source of such moisture content, especially during the dry season. Over some time, the roots will multiply and concentrate around the drainage pipes. Eventually, they exert too much pressure, consequently breaking and growing into the sewer lines.

Sagging Drainage Line

Another major cause of sewer clog is a sag or a belly in the pipe. Waste-waters run smoothly on straight sewer lines or pipes that are sloping downstream. Bent or U-shaped pipes slow down the flow of waste-waters and eventually resulting in a clog. While unprofessional plumbers may have contributed to this poor installation, soil shift or earth movements can also cause sags.

Flushing Down Objects

Sewer lines are for transporting water waste only and should not be used as waste bins for other household wastes such as wipes, plastic bags, napkins, sanitary towels, and other similar wastes. One of the major entry points for this debris is the toilet because of its wide opening. Down the pipes, they get stuck on elbows and bends. Instead, use garbage bins and only flush down human waste and soft toilet paper.

Greases and Fats

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These are a significant cause of sewer clogs in your homes, with kitchens and garages being the primary sources. Typically, oils and fats do not mix or dissolve in water. While you may see them as liquids at the time of disposal, they tend to solidify. They will then harden inside the sewer lines forming insoluble blocks and clogging the system.

Sewer line installation is an important investment and it is costly. Sewer repair is also not a very easy task, and it would require professional plumbers to put them back in shape. It is essential to ensure your sewer line system is well installed in the first place. Maintenance is even more critical. If you need professional plumbing services at Edwardsville, IL, we are a call away.