Top Reasons Why A Water Main Breaks in Edwardsville Illinois:

water breaks

There can be many different reasons why a water main breaks and from what we know, it can happen commonly. During the cold months of the year such as January and February, different cities in the country will alter their check routines due to these broken water pipes and colder temperatures.

Wondering why they break and what we can do to prevent this from happening? Lucky for you, we have a couple of years of why and how to fix some of these issues. If you live in Edwardsville Illinois, look at this list to answer your questions and understand new ways to solve these issues.


Proximity to Construction Work:


With these in mind, what can we do to prevent these water main breaks?

broken water lines
  1. Investment

Proactive investment is clearly needed to repair these sometimes 100-year-old pipes.

Many cities have traditionally chosen proactive investment. Resulting in rate increases in favor of a more reactive or “band-aid” approach to dealing with infrastructure. However, as infrastructure ages and breaks become more commonplace, many cities are preparing to reinvest in their essential water infrastructure.

This is something that many cities are aware of and know about firsthand. When dealing with these problems, it’s always best to keep a lookout.

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