The Difference Between a Main Drain Being Clogged and a Septic Tank Backing Up in Edwardsville, IL

A clogged bathroom or kitchen drain can be a major issue. for Edwardsville, IL homes. They can stop you from doing what you need to do and start to smell. But that begs the question, is it an issue with the drain itself, or could there be an issue with the septic tank? Clogged drains can be unlogged; however, septic tank issues can have their own set of hurdles. What should you do?

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Main Clogged Drain Symptoms

One thing to be on the lookout for is the sounds of your plumbing. Depending on what you hear could mean serval different things. You may find there is a small drain clog if you hear bubbles or hissing sounds in your drain. Venting problems in your drain can cause gurgling sounds. If you bought a house from a previous owner, you might find they had tried some DIY plumbing that works inadequately. There’s also the chance that the sounds you hear don’t mean anything at all. It is important to be on the lookout for strange sounds in your plumbing as it can be a sign of a drain issue. Also, important to know is if your only have issues with one drain in particular and not every drain-source in the house, then it’s potbelly, not a septic issue at all.

Symptoms of a Backed Up Septic Tank

The septic tank is made up of several different drains, drainage fields, waste pipes, and the tank itself, it is not just a one-piece unit. A problem with the septic tank can happen in any of these components. Sludge that is in the tank forms a layer of material under the pipelines which stops the wastewater from making it into the ground. This is the reason why septic tanks need to be pumped out every couple of years to remove this sludge. If the septic tank has been pumped recently and it’s still having backup issues, there might be an issue with the pipes connected to the house’s fixtures. Plumbers will need to clear out the pipes completely using special equipment.

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Have you noticed the drain area is filling? You either need to construct a completely new drain field or add branches to an existing field. If you are having problems during wet weather, you might need a professional to check it out. If your draining field is too high, it could be polluting groundwater with the wastewater from your tank. Drainpipes may also break from ground erosion, cracks, and rust causing some standing water in between the septic tank and drain line. If your Edwardsville, IL homes pipes are cleared and the tank itself has been pumped but there is still blockage, then it has to be an issue with a particular drain.

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