How Replacing Your Old Sewer Line Can Increase the Value of Your Home in Alton, IL

sewer line replacement increase home value Alton, IL

Replacing an aging sewer line is not typically the first home improvement project that comes to mind when Alton, IL homeowners consider ways to increase their property value. However, updating this critical component of your home’s infrastructure can have a substantial impact on its overall value, appeal, and functionality. Here’s a deeper look into why […]

The Benefits of Sewer Camera Inspections Wood River, IL

sewer camera inspection Wood River, IL

Sewer systems play a vital role in our daily lives, ensuring the proper disposal of wastewater. However, these underground pipes in Wood River, IL are prone to wear and tear over time, leading to clogs, leaks, and other issues. To diagnose and address these problems efficiently, sewer camera inspections have become an invaluable tool in […]

Understanding Your Water Main and Sewer Line

bethalto il water main

In the intricate world of home plumbing systems, few components are as crucial as the water main and sewer line. These concealed pipes play vital roles in ensuring that your home receives clean water and that wastewater is safely removed. However, many homeowners do not grasp the complexity and significance of these systems. In this […]

What To Do About A Sewage Backup in Your Edwardsville, IL Home

sewage backup in edwardsville il home

Sewage backups can be a nasty and expensive problem for homeowners living in Edwardsville, IL to deal with. They can cause damage to your property and pose a health hazard to you and the ones you live with. In this blog, we want to discuss some common causes of sewage backups and explain how to […]

Sewer Clean Outs For Homes in Alton, IL

Sewer Clean Outs

In the modern age of plumbing, many things help prevent sewer issues. Things like sump pumps, drain traps, and vent pipes are there to keep your Alton, IL home safe from any sewage backups.  One of the most important parts of this system you need to know about is our sewer clean outs. Having multiple […]

Common Causes of Sewer Backups & Quick Fixes in Godfrey, IL

Sewer Backups

One of the most irritating problems that a Godfrey, IL homeowner can experience is a backed-up sewer drain. This is also one of the most important problems that need to be solved in order to keep your home running smoothly.  A backed-up sewer doesn’t always have to be an emergency though. They say that an […]

Spring Rains Cause Sewage Backups in Your Edwardsville, IL Home? Now What?

Sump Pump

Heavy spring rains in Edwardsville, IL are known to cause damaging flooding outside of your home. However, internal flooding that can happen is more damaging. This is especially true when the sewage backups occur, creating even more problems. Instead of just water your home is dealing with wastewater. This type of water is a dirty […]

Watch out for Sewer Line Clogs in Edwardsville, Illinois


Warning Signs You Have Sewer Line Clogs in Edwardsville, Illinois:  It is okay to be honest with us; most people typically forget about their sewer line. However, even though we do not see them daily, these lines are an essential part of your home. In most traditional homes, your sewer line is a horizontal drainpipe […]

Cost-Effective and Fast Sewer Video Inspection Services in Bethalto, IL

sewer video inspection

Diagnosing sewer and drain problems is tricky because we often cannot see inside the sewer line or drain. These are typically small dark areas that are very difficult to access if you do not have the right tools. At Bland’s Plumbing, Sewer, and Water, we work with new and innovative technology to help our professional […]

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